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I think somebody needs a hobby. Just as I was getting used to the last update of LaterDude Pro, I get an email from Fabian. He let me know that he’s added a doozie of an update to this callback reminder solution. The LaterDude Pro name has been seen in the blogs in recent months; in both a review and in update notifications. I’ve said before, that LaterDude Pro enables you to create reminders to Email, call or send a text message to contacts that are important to you. These reminders are found in the BlackBerry Calendar or Task application. Check out what Fabian has added:

Update to version 2.2.51?

  • English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and French Translation
  • Option if the Menu should be displayed in the whole system or only in the specific apps
  • Free Trial available
  • Select if you want to save the new event as Calendar, Task or be prompted
  • Option to set as what you want to preselect the new entry (Call, Contact, Meet, SMS or eMail)
  • Time and Date can be set from the pre-set buttons and also manually
  • Free upgrade for previous users
  • Many bugs fixed
He’s also added an icon (yay) for easier access to the options menu. For previous users, this is a warm welcome. If these updates aren’t reason enough for you to buy, how about a 50% discount?! Until October 1st, pick up LaterDude Pro for only $1.47 (for the math wiz in you, that’s actually 50.17% off).
  • Learn more and download LaterDude Pro >>

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