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From the first day I got my PlayBook last April I have been chomping at the bit for LastPass. When the first Android player leaked last summer the LastPass app was one of the first I loaded. Same goes for when the 2.0 beta dropped at DevCon2011 I couldn't get LastPass on my PlayBook fast enough.

I'm not the only one, Joseph did an article back in June of how to use the LastPass website on your PlayBook. This was a very awkward way to use LastPass and drove me quite mad until the Android players came out and gave me a user friendly way to take advantage of the awesomeness which is LastPass.

Today LastPass has officially launched in BlackBerry App World! It requires PlayBook OS 2.0 so that means it's an Android app repackaged for the PlayBook. Now that we are getting closer to the public launch of OS 2.0 we will see more and more of our favorite apps becoming available to our beloved BlackBerry PlayBook. 

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Like the mobile client for the BlackBerry smartphone this app includes all the key LastPass features:

  • Built-in browser that will automatically fill your login information for each of your saved LastPass sites
  • Automatically fill forms on all sites
  • Secure Password Generator
  • Add, update, and delete Secure Notes and Sites

Reminder: LastPass for PlayBook requires OS 2.0 and a subscription to LastPass Premium. This premium subscription costs $1.00/month and is worth every last penny. There is a 14-day free trial to the full featured app.

Get LastPass for the PlayBook in BlackBerry App World

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