Lance Armstrong taking a pic with his BlackBerry Storm

* Update 2: Definitely an 8900. It's weird that in the picture above that you can't see end of the main nav buttons (the screen looks long, like a Storm), but looking at this other picture on twitpic the chrome is definitely 8900. Plus the fact he's tapping in the middle of the screen and he took a landscape pic, screams 8900. Who would have thought this blog post would turn out to be so much fun :) *

* Update: Some astute commenters noticed that Lance is using the Storm with Gloves on. Hrrmm... at first glance that looked like a Storm to me... but most likely a Curve 8900... *

Just a few weeks back we posted a picture here of Lance Armstrong holding his BlackBerry Bold out in front of him for what looked like the perfect BlackBerry product shot.

Popping up on lizkreutz's twitpic today is another picture of Lance with his BlackBerry, but it looks like he has now switched things up and is using a Verizon BlackBerry Storm! What's Lance taking a picture of? The "Ride this one like YOU stole it" decal on his new TT bike which he of course posted on twitpic as well (view it here).

I wonder what the scoop is with Lance's change to the Storm... is this a straight trade-up or does he use the Storm on US soil (Verizon coverage!) and swap SIMs in his Bold when he travels overseas? Either way, it's good to see him changing things up - true CrackBerry Addict! Big thanks to TAG for sending this in!