Samsung Mobile got some attention this weekend for a new commercial they're running which attacks BlackBerry in an attempt to position their Galaxy devices as enterprise friendly. The commercial is a little odd and lame. The YouTube viewer comments has for the majority been ripping the ad a new one.

With BlackBerry 10 advertising sure to be ramping up soon, I guess Samsung wanted to get their enterprise offense going early while they could make the comparison to older in-market BlackBerry devices. While BlackBerry has a decade plus pedigree in enterprise and a reputation for security, Android has the exact opposite.

With the Bring Your Own Device movement being a reality for businesses, it makes sense for Samsung to want to try and get a foot in the door with professional users. iOS has been doing well with BYOD, but most of the I.T. Admins I know still shudder when you mention the words Android and Enterprise in the same sentence. Of course, with BlackBerry's BES10 solution, enterprises can also support iOS and Android devices in addition to BlackBerry devices.

At CES I sat down with RIM's managing director of BlackBerry for the USA, Richard Piasentin, and we talked BlackBerry 10 and enterprise. Richard relayed that a LOT of Fortune 500s are currently running BlackBerry 10 in full trial mode, and that the feedback has been extremely positive. Richard read me a bunch of quotes from businesses currently testing BlackBerry 10, and they really were positive. There was a universal love for BlackBerry Balance, which literally turns a BlackBerry 10 phone into two devices -- work and personal -- that are seamlessly integrated.

So while Samsung is putting up some commercials now about getting Galaxy devices into businesses, it's clear that BlackBerry has already been direct selling BlackBerry 10 in enterprise for a while now.