Period Calendar Deluxe

Something that many ladies like to keep track of is their fertility window, and marking it on home calendars is great, but while on the go it is easy to forget. Not everyone wants reminders of it on their personal or work calendars, and lucky for you the folks at MobiDala have created Period Calendar Deluxe to help you track all the vital information while on the go.  While it may seem a bit silly to have an application like this you would be surprised at how much information is tracked by users in the application, giving you a much better understanding of it, and what to expect and when each month.

Users can track the start and end dates, levels of cramping, temperatures, days which birth control is taken and much much more. The calendar will show which dates of the cycle are most fertile, and it even claims that it can show which days are most likely to conceive boys vs girls, and also help predict a due date. While some of these features are a bit much for the average user, it can be much simpler by allowing you to just add your information to keep track of just the cycles. Once recorded the data can be saved and extracted as a .csv file to view on the computer if you wish. If you want to keep track of your cycle while on the go, be sure to grab Period Calendar Deluxe from the CrackBerry Store for $3.99 while it is on sale!

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