Labyrinth 2 - Now available for the BlackBerry Torch and Storm

Labyrinth 2 has finally been released for BlackBerry Torch and Storm owners. The follow up to the original Labyrinth game now has some new features added to it and comes in both paid and free versions. Some of the recent additions to the game include:

  • Levels for beginners;
  • Over 80 new levels (quiz, maze, speed levels);
  • New elements: buttons, lasers, gates and magnets;
  • New game effects. 

Having been a fan of the original game, the new version was a nice surprise. Playing it on the BlackBerry Torch, just feels right given the nature of the game and the new additions overall add a new twist to an old favourite. You can try either the free or paid ($4.99) versions on your Torch or Storm.