L.A. BlackBerry Storm Live Blogs

I'm not at the L.A. Verizon BlackBerry Storm Launch Party / Free Concert, but that doesn't mean you can't find good live coverage on the net tonight... both BlackBerryNews.com and BoyGeniusReport.com are on the scene and reporting back as the events unfold.  Be sure to check them out and I'll do up a nice summary here in the morning when all is said and done. The most interesting (and slightly depressing news) I have seen so far has come from BG himself in the comments at BGR:

"The 15th will not be the release date. I can assure you it will be very, very late November. Also there will be no Storms given out here, people, so don't worry. You're not missing too much."

"Software isn't ready. Vodafone has accepted the build but from what we're told Verizon has not done so yet."

Not the best news to hear -- especially if you are in attendance and hoping for a free Storm -- but at least you can still enter our What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest and win one! As for the potential release date delays... I'm just hoping the BlackBerry Storm launches in time for Black Friday. Waiting a little bit longer for the Storm isn't a big deal... better to delay.. so long as the OS it launches with is silky and smooth.

Check out the Live Blogs and Stay Tuned for our Recap!!

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