I'm not sure how I missed this video yesterday, but I did, so I'm posting it now... Senior Technology Correspondent for the TheStreet.com, Gary Krakow, in this video goes off about the reliability of the BlackBerry trackball after his quit working on his BlackBerry 8820 after six months of use. Talking to his IT guys (who show Gary a box of old BB's that mainly have the scrollwheel and not the trackball), Gary discovers and is sort of shocked to find out the problem appears to be fairly commonplace.

Gary isn't too much of a CrackBerry Addict... or else he would have known to try the wet-thumb trick (dirt sticks to your thumb and cleans up the trackball) or to  check out our forum post on How To Remove and Clean Your Trackball vs. saying there was no way to clean it. We'll forgive him though - not everybody is as hardcore as all of you reading this.

Gary is one person though... and while he's run into bad luck with his 8820, I've actually never personally ran into an issue with the trackball on any of my BBs (they turn black from dirt, but still seem to work fine). Yet looking at our BlackBerry How To and FAQ forum, the article on Removing & Cleaning the Trackball is actually the most viewed of all the forum how to articles, making me think there is some truth to Gary's rant. And we know it's on RIM's radar since with the BlackBerry 8900 they are introducing the new and improved atomic trackball. 

So that leaves the question, What have your experiences been like with the trackball on your BlackBerry? All Good? Big Problems? Somewhere in between? How about with friends and co-workers? Sound off in the comments and let us know!!