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If you are looking for something a little more cerebral than knocking bricks out of the air and, like me, are not too adept at Sudoko, then there is always chess.

One of the oldest games in the world is, fortunately, well suited to our electronic age and especially suited to mobile devices. It doesn't require a lot of memory, doesn't require a fast thumb, you can take your eyes off the screen, and you can pause a game for however long you wish and still be able to pick it up when you next have time.

Kragesoft Chess Engine is both easy and quick to install and very easy to use. I won't bother you with the rules of chess here but if you know them already you’ll be able to play right away.

This chess engine is supported by all models of BlackBerry from 7100 up. Its simple graphics make it the ideal game for quick gaming and time wasting.

blackberry chess
If you are used to computer chess games you might find the lack of instruction and game play suggestions a little disconcerting so you’ll have to learn the Queen’s Gambit Defense opening somewhere else.

It is an easy game to figure out with four levels of difficulty -- Easy, Normal, Moderate and Unlimited. You will quickly find out you skill range. I was consistently beating the Normal setting quite quickly but Moderate offers more of a challenge. So, it’s you basic chess game with no frills but it is complex enough to keep all but budding Gary Kasparovs challenged.

If there is a down side it is that the computer opponent can take its time figuring out its move. A handy tip I found is to use the Q key to hurry it up.

Depending on your version, the way of moving pieces is slightly different. I used my 7290 and the keys were simple and easy to figure out.

There are two ways of moving spaces.

You can use the ALT Key and track wheel to move the curser left or right, up or down to the spot you wish to select or the piece you wish to move, and then select where you want to move.

blackberry chess
Or you can use letter keys:

Use Space to select;

use D,H or A to move left;

G,K,S to move right.

To move up use R or U;

to move down use F, J, N, C

Force a move use Q.

For other models 87XX, 71XX.

Select use 0 key Left use 4

Right use 6

Up use 2

Down use 8

Force move use Q

With both, press Enter to save and load the game to play later With both the 71XX and 87XX BlackBerries you can switch the game to the background mode by pressing red hang up button. When the move is ready, the sound effect will announce it.

Game:Kragesoft Chess Engine

My Rating: ***** (3/5 stars)

Played On: BlackBerry 7290

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