With no sign of a Kindle app, BlackBerry PlayBook users who want some eBook action only have one option at the moment. Kobo for the PlayBook is actually a pretty sweet app, however if you use another service (Kindle, Nook) you obviously won't have access to your library or anything you purchased previously.I actually like the Kobo app on the PlayBook. I had a few books on my Nook previously, but having the PlayBook with me full time and using Kobo means I never have to carry around another device, so I decided to make the switch. There is a huge selection of free and paid books, but sadly no newspapers or magazines (yet). If you haven't checked out Kobo yet I definitely think it's worth a shot. It should be pre-installed on your PlayBook but if not head to BlackBerry App World to download.

More information/download of Kobo for BlackBerry PlayBook

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