blackberry 8800 RIM have a bit of habit of giving their devices very similar sounding numbered names. We at try to keep up and pretty well know our 8800 from our 8820 but to the rest of the world it can be confusing.

RIM have tried to keep their business oriented devices in one category and their consumer oriented in another but the numbering is confusing to everyone. For example, there are three versions of the proposed 8300 line -- 8300 (which has GPS but no camera), 8320 (which has no camera but WiFi and GPS), and 83XX (will have camera, wi-fi and GPS). Word is that their code names are Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. We kid you not. We assume the 8800 and the yet to be released 8820 and 88XX will follow the same system.

Thankfully, the Boy Genius has given us a list of the latest RIM offerings and the things that differentiate each device offering.

For the full list of the various devices read the full article here.