How to get a confirmation that your email was received by the BlackBerry user

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Words can't describe the love we BlackBerry have for our BBM. It's not totally about the delivery/read confirmations but that is certainly one of the top reasons. Did my message get delivered? Simply check for the 'D' and 'R' and you know for sure.

Email is always near the top of the list of must have features for a BlackBerry user, so shouldn't delivery confirmations be built into the BlackBerry natively? The good new is it is a feature that is built into each BlackBerry!

This is one of those features that some know exists but more don't than do. We all know at least one person who claims email amnesia when they clearly dropped the ball and plain forgot to followup on an email you sent them. "Geez, I don't think that email ever got to me." think to yourself with your inside voice. You can tag an email so if it is received by a BlackBerry smartphone you will get an automatic response back that the handheld has actually received the email message.

This is not a feature the recipient can control or turn off. Additionally, you can trigger this tag from your BlackBerry or any other email platform, be it a desktop pc or another smartphone.  As long as the email address you are sending to has a BlackBerry receiving the message you will receive an automated delivery confirmation.

To tag the email all you need to do is include: <confirm> in the subject of the email, that's all - simple as that. Here's an example, I'm going to send a message to the podcast star Joseph Holder, the subject of the email will be "hey there how goes it?"

So I send a subject: <confirm> hey there how goes it?

Sent Message

So now once Joseph's BlackBerry receives the message it will automatically push back a confirmation message back to me.

Message List
Confirmation Message

So there you have it! Now you will know that people are in fact ignoring you and the world is against you OR they may just be in a meeting. 

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