Kloudmix - The first native Mixcloud client for BlackBerry 10

These days, there's a ton of streaming music services out there to choose from, but not all of them are, shall we say, BlackBerry 10 friendly. One service I like to use for listening to mixtapes from DJ's and radio hosts is Mixcloud as it offers a wide array of categories to choose from plus, it's free with some advertisements here and there. So what does this have to do with BlackBerry 10? Well, if you've visited the BlackBerry Beta Zone recently, you may have noticed the Kloudmix app as an available download and missed the fact that it's the first native Mixcloud client for BlackBerry 10.

Kloudmix is a native BlackBerry 10 app that taps into Mixcloud and allows you to stream music as you see fit from the service from Brandon Orr, developer of PinGuin App for BlackBerry 10. Best of all, it's a fully featured app in the fact it offers the ability to view your own profile, follow users, set favourites and view your own Cloudcasts you may have uploaded to Mixcloud and more.

Kloudmix was recently updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and while it has been available for a while now, this is likely one of the last builds that will be submitted through there and with that in mind, Brandon is looking for as many people to test it out as possible and help find bugs and there's no better way to do that then by giving Kloudmix a proper introduction here on the blogs.

If Kloudmix sounds like an app you might enjoy, be sure to check it out and offer up any feedback you may have or bugs you may find, which can be done through the 'Contact Us' page within Kloudmix or in the CrackBerry Forums, where Brandon has been posting updates. You can view more screenshots below or hop into the BlackBerry Beta Zone through the Beta Zone app to grab Kloudmix right now.