Kiwi Wonder - Day 25 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

Here we are, day 25, the last day of BlackBerry's festive giveaway. It has been a wonderful 25 Days of Gifts, waking up each morning looking forward to our free download, it was like Christmas morning every day. Thank you, BlackBerry. While I have run out of space for most of the freebies, it was very nice to see this festive giveaway take place.

So, what do we have for the last day? A game for everyone! It's Kiwi Wonder. I actually bought this a while back but never got around to re-downloading it. Now, I think I will and I'll have ago playing it again. It's a pretty fun game plus as we reported just the other day the app received a nice update

The folks who were having issues yesterday don't seem to be having any today. So, hopefully it will be a smooth final day. Though as usual, if you're not seeing it, you know the drill, refresh, search or use link. If you want to go back and see all the free gifts and maybe purchase any you missed, hit up the original post.

Merry Christmas!

Download Kiwi Wonder from BlackBerry World