Remember around the time the DTEK60 was coming out and someone wanted to tade their car for one? At the time, I thought nothing would ever top that but it seems I was wrong. The Fore Quarter Butcher Shop is having their Grand Opening in Kitchener on September 22 and one of the owners, Colby Lemoine, has a unique offer for folks. Trade an old BlackBerry for some meat.

Two sausages to be exact and if you happen to have some rarer devices, you might be able to score some steak out of the deal. Speaking to CTV, Lemoine noted "I know that some people might take that as an insult to BlackBerry, but the idea is to pay homage to this history,"

Goes without saying, it's a rather unique offer and well, they're certainly in the right area for such an offer. I'm sure there's plenty of older BlackBerry smartphones kicking around the Waterloo / Kitchener area that could traded in. Anyone going to take them up on the offer?

Photo Credit: Joschka Sawatzky