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The Kindle Scribe is Amazon's foray into the e-ink/write-on tablet market, and it's a solid entry. Its 10.2-inch screen is a magical size for reading your whole Kindle library, and you can annotate and take notes in a sort of sticky note format, making organization simple.

The Scribe comes in multiple storage options up to 64 GB, so if you'll be going off the grid for 10 years and need books to read, you can fill one with somewhere in the realm of 50,000 books.

Where the Scribe does come up a bit short is its lackluster writing experience, which can be a bit laggy, making it less than ideal for power users. That being said, for casual note takers, it's more than sufficient.

You'd choose the Kindle Scribe instead of the reMarkable 2 if reading is your top priority, with some annotation capabilities required, and you're not too fussed about that real pen-on-paper feel. As an all-around package, the Scribe is the better device.

Bundles starting at $440 at Amazon


  • Largest Kindle screen available
  • Multiple storage options
  • ENORMOUS library of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more
  • Often bundled with accessories for a decent price


  • Writing on it is a bit lackluster
  • Few write-on book options

The reMarkable 2 is a digital notebook first and an e-reader second. Its very accurate pen-to-paper writing experience is satisfying and accurate, and if your handwriting is clear enough, its handwriting to text function is quite solid.

The lack of a front light means your pen (Marker) is as close to the writing surface as possible, leaving minimal lag, which is perfect for quickly jotting down thoughts and ideas on the go. Document and note storage is a very simple notes-in-folder setup, which may not be enough for folks who like to get more granular, but it's still more than serviceable. You can also use your reMarkable 2 to present on a display or virtual call.

Where reMarkable 2 falls short is its e-reader experience, which lacks many of the quality of life features that true e-readers boast, like page turn buttons and the ability to connect to a digital library like Kindle's or Kobo's. You can still upload loads of e-books, and file support is fairly decent. It's just not the e-ink tablet for readers on the go.

Bundles starting at $449 at Amazon


  • Exceptional, real pen-on-paper writing experience
  • Simple note and document organization
  • Fantastic battery life


  • Screen color temperature isn't adjustable
  • Not ideal for voracious readers

With its massive library, gorgeous screen, capable writing features, and multiple storage options, Kindle Scribe comes out on top vs. the reMarkable 2. There is simply more value to be had for your dollar.

For work or play?

The big question here is your use case. Are you looking for a stellar digital notebook that lets you easily jot down ideas and drawings, organize them, and then search them using optical character recognition (OCR)? Then the reMarkable 2 is your workhorse.

Are you looking for fairly solid (if a bit clunky) note taking capabilities, and exceptional reading experience, access to your entire Kindle library, and wide file support? Then it's a no-brainer: you want the Kindle Scribe.

Category Kindle Scribe reMarkable 2
Display 10.2" 10.3"
Storage 8 GB to 64 GB 8 GB
Processor 1 GHz 1.2 GHz
Battery 3,000 mAh 3,000 mAh
Dimensions 196 x 230 x 5.8 mm 188.0 x 246.0 x 4.7 mm
Weight 433 g 403.5 g

There really isn't a marked difference in specs here, so that shouldn't be what you base your decision upon. The real clincher is the writing technology. The writing experience on the reMarkable 2 is simply unmatched by the Kindle Scribe.

Where Kindle beats reMarkable is in the other categories: screen (great lighting), reading, library connectivity, and file support.

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Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe

For the casual user

If you're not looking for a productivity powerhouse that feels like real paper to write on, then go with the Kindle Scribe. You can access your whole Kindle library, the screen is well-lit and sharp, and it has exceptional battery life.

Jot that down


reMarkable 2

Get to work

What reMarkable 2 gets very right is its writing technology, which is exceptional, especially with built-in OCR for searching back through your notes. You can easily mark up documents on the go as well, though file support is fairly limited compared to the Kindle Scribe.

That being said, it's still a top-tier e-ink tablet and is ideal for business use.

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