BlackBerry won't be hiring Kim Kardashian anytime soon

Despite having professed her love for BlackBerry's smartphones, self-proclaimed BlackBerry Bold-addict and reality television star Kim Kardashian won't be hired as a celebrity spokesperson for the brand. BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that it's strictly business and that he is not focusing on the consumer market at this time.

In an interview at the APEC CEO Summit in Beijing, Chen said of his decision to hire Kim K:

I'm not into bringing celebrities on board. It's not that it's a waste of money but a question of where you should spend the money today.

Chen noted that his decision may change in the future, but he is more focused on the enterprise market right now:

I say, 'Never say never.' You might see us come back strong in the consumer side but a few things have to happen first. We have to make sure the base business is solid.

BlackBerry's most recent brand ambassador was Alicia Keys, who served as Creative Director for the company. Ultimately, she was let go when BlackBerry needed to refocus and trim its budgets earlier this year.

Source: Bloomberg