Is there an emergency? Not currently -- but what if there was and you couldn't make that life saving phone call? Fear not - KiddieDial to the rescue. KiddieDial is a simple application for BlackBerry 10 which will allow kids to make a phone call to a predetermined number even though they may not know how to use the phone. The idea here is that you load the application with a number of your choice and then teach the child to open the app and just press the picture of the ambulance on the display - simple - and most kids already know how to tap an icon, right?

Clearly there are dozens of scenarios where this could come in useful. Maybe you or your partner suffer with an illness? If your child knows how to use KiddieDial they may well save your life.

The application was actually designed for the iPhone however Apple didn't want it for some bizarre reason. Us folk on team BlackBerry are sensible so we will have it for sure. It may well be one of the simplest applications available but it could be oh so precious.

You can download KiddieDial for £0.75/$0.99. A small price to pay for what could be the most valuable phone call of your life.

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