Two weeks back I put the BlackBerry KEYone through a series of "real world" drop tests and experiments to see how much of a beating the device could take. I started with four brand new retail units purchased from Rogers in Canada. If you didn't watch the video yet, you can see it above (over 400k views!). At the end of the day I only needed to destroy two KEYone units to get to a point where myself and I think everyone was satisfied that the KEYone could take a drop or two or three or four and keep on ticking.

In true CrackBerry fashion, I decided to give the two leftover (and unscathed!) devices to give away! Here are the winners. One was chosen at random from comments left on the original CrackBerry article and the other was chosen at random from comments left on the YouTube video.


See! BlackBerry outlasts them all! Keep this brand strong! I'd gladly take a KEYone to upgrade my Z10! I've been waiting for the right Android phone, and I think this is it! My pocket is screaming for the KEYone!

Claudia C.

A lot of people (including my kids) make fun of me because ever since my first BlackBerry phone, I have been addicted and have never bought anything else. My kids switched to apple and subsequently Samsung, but I stuck it out with BlackBerry and now it's like we're being rewarded!! I've always had a great experience with my BlackBerry and have never felt deprived. Thank you for making these videos. BlackBerry and CrackBerry rocks!!

Big congrats go to the winners and thanks to everyone for entering and helping spread the word. This is CrackBerry so you know we're never too far away from our next giveaway - so be sure to keep it locked to CrackBerry for your next chance to win.