The Cure for BlackBerry Bold Cravings!

Buy Bold! Fruit-Flavored Tic Tacs!!!!! BlackBerry is a fruit...ya got Bold on the package... this is totally the CrackBerry "patch" while we wait for our BlackBerry Bold fix. It might not have 3G, but at least your breath will be TASTY & FRESH! Seriously, I've gone through 14 packs of these this week. :-)

Humor aside, lets move onto BlackBerry Bold RELEASE DATE UPDATED INFO. Let's start with Rogers. While we were *hoping* to see a press release today announcing the launch of the Bold next week, that hasn't come through (press releases are just a tease anyways!), but it DOES appear that our July 29th hypothesis is holding true with Rogers now firmly set on that date. According to BB News, we're looking at the following:

  • July 29 - Rogers (firm)
  • August 1 - Vodafone UK
  • August 4 - T-Mobile Germany (firm)
  • September 1 - AT&T
  • In September - O2
** Update on Rogers - WOW... things are nuts today. While BBNews reconfirmed the 29th release date as "firm", all day long we've been hearing various things from Rogers-connected folk. We must be close, as the dates are getting thrown around like crazy, but range from the 29th through the 7th or even later. It's not that necessarily the info being put forth is "wrong" (people reporting it are confident in the dates) and old info reported (25th announcement/29th release) was at least "right" at the time it was reported (and things change), but info around the Rogers release date is just alll over the place. I give up... you win Rogers, I've gone crazy!! Will report when the Bold becomes available. Till then I'll eat some Bold Tic Tacs and play on my KickStart! **