O'Leary & Lang

The BlackBerry Z10 received a HUGE endorsement yesterday from Kevin O'Leary on yesterday's episode of the Lang and O'Leary Exchange. If you're outside of Canada you may not know the show, but you'll likely know O'Leary. He's one of the Dragon's on Canada's Dragons Den and Sharks on ABC's Shark Tank.

A super successful entrepreneur, O'Leary is one of those guys who pulls no punches. He always has an opinion and he's not afraid to voice it. He doesn't really care who he pisses off. To some, he can be pretty annoying. In other words, I like him - he reminds me of me. Maybe it's something about the name Kevin. :)

If you're a BlackBerry fan, hit up the video above and you'll like O'Leary too. Agnostic when it comes to technology, O'Leary has knocked on BlackBerry in the past, but now he's gone ahead and ditched his iPhone for the Z10. All it took was a compelling real life demo. 

Apparently David Chilton -- the Wealthy Barber -- showed up on the set of Dragon's Den with a Z10. Previously, Chilton said he wouldn't switch to the new BlackBerry platform until there was one with a physical keyboard (the Q10). After a little demo of the Z10's keyboard in action, O'Leary was sold. 

We've said before over the years that the best way to sell a BlackBerry is to put in a person's hands. With BlackBerry 10 this is more true than ever. O'Leary notes that it's this type of word of mouth and real life endorsements that are going to a long way for BlackBerry.

Hit up the clip. Props to O'Leary. Way to #SELLLIKEHELL!

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