funeral berry
This weekend, the Boston Globe printed this great story about CrackBerry addiction and how we may be able, with the appropriate steps, to cast off the shackles of 24/7 connectivity.

For Steve Chazin, the low point of his addiction was at his grandmother’s funeral, during which the marketing executive couldn’t resist checking his Berry. As the article details, “To be fair, when he felt the enticing device vibrate during the service, he waited an agonizing 20 minutes before checking it during the ride back to his grandfather's house.”

It was a low point in Chazin’s addiction.

The potential problem with the devices is that we are often “not present or there.” We are busy checking mails and messages as opposed to interacting with those around us. “We are constantly trying to live in two moments at once, and we are becoming interruption-driven, fragmenting our time together and at work in smaller pieces. These trends often undermine the efficiencies and connectivity that the devices are supposed to create. A quarter of those surveyed by Yahoo Hot Jobs said they feel that wireless devices keep them on a permanent corporate leash,” said the article.

Read the rest of the article here or visit our own CrackBerry rehab section and help get that life balance back.

[Source: Boston Globe