Halloween Arcade
With just a couple of weeks left until Halloween, kids everywhere have candy and costumes on the brain. Keep them occupied until it's time to Trick or Treat with Halloween Arcade for the BlackBerry PlayBook. For just $2 you get 8 casual games including: Kid-n-Zombies, Zombie Frenzy, Haunted House Shoot, Halloween Clix, Pumpkin Shoot!, Pumpkin Up, Zombie Jump, and Pumpkin Pop!

Each game features its own Halloween themed graphics, music, and sound effects. While the games are all "pick up and play", meaning no real story lines or in-depth play, that hardly means that your kids (and you!) won't enjoy playing them. They are quite fun and hard to put down once you get started. At only $.25 per game, you really can't beat Halloween Arcade for some quick zombie/pumpkin/ghost themed entertainment.

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