Stocks+ by BerryBlowApps

If you like to keep a close eye on your investments, what better way than by using your BlackBerry? BerryBlowApps has developed a great app just for this, called Stocks+. With Stocks+ you can display your stocks on your home screen. As the application updates in the background, the stock information on your wallpaper changes, so you always have up-to-date information right in front of you. You can specify pop-up, sound, LED, and vibration alerts for a change in stock value, difference between average of the day and current value (in %), and difference between 52 week average and current value (in %). You can also backup and restore your stocks and alerts.

BerryBlowApps let us know that they have just released an update to Stocks+, bringing it up to v.1.3. They've added a lot with this update, so if you already own the app you'll want to be sure to update it. If you don't own Stocks+, you can pick it up for $4.99, or download the free 10-day trial and give it a spin.

New features for this release are:

  • Company related news. Get the latest company news and updates in stock info screen.
  • New sort order for stocks list. Analyze stocks dynamic with new sort order. Set sort by "Change" to view the best changes.
  • Set Home Screen background. If you use Home Screen widget you can specify background image from your own pictures.
  • Backup/Restore to SDCard Use Settings commands Backup/Restore to SDCard to save application data at any time.

For more information/screenshots and to download Stocks+

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