Do you need a waterproof case for your BlackBerry? Keep reading to see how you can win one!

Overboard and Aquapac cases for BlackBerry

Yesterday Joseph looked at what can be done as a remedy if your BlackBerry gets an accidental dunk in liquid. I know accidents happen, but what if you could take an extra step and to prevent your BlackBerry from taking an unexpected bath? If you're headed to the beach for some sun, or out on the lake for a day of fishing, or taking the kids to the water park, you don't have to leave your phone behind. There are some great options out there for keeping your device safe and secure, and I'm not talking about a ziploc baggie. Keep reading to see what some of those options are!

Overboard case for BlackBerry

Recently I tested out an OverBoard Waterproof case and an Aquapac Handheld case on my BlackBerry Torch. Both cases performed really well, sealing tight and not allowing any water to enter. I was actually surprised that you really can still use your device while they are in these cases; the Torch's touchscreen and trackpad remained responsive even through the thick plastic. You can even make and receive calls (Obviously, not suggested but you could -- if you used speakerphone and yelled a lot.) and use the camera and video camera, with only minor interference. Both cases are waterproof, dust, salt-water and UV resistant, and both come with a lanyard so you can wear your device or attach it to something else while using the case. 

Aquapac and Overboard cases

While both OverBoard and Aquapac claim that most devices will float while in their cases, I did not have this experience with the BlackBerry Torch. With the OverBoard case, the Torch fits inside very snuggly. The Aquapac case is a little larger, so I was able to blow some air inside which allowed it to float, but it would be next to impossible to use the device inside the air filled pouch. Bla1ze stuck his HTC Desire HD in the OverBoard case, and it was also too heavy to float. In any case, I believe that lighter devices would indeed float, just be aware that heavy ones won't. The OverBoard is submersible to 19 feet, and the Aquapac 15 feet. Good thing they have those lanyards, right? ;)

Aquapac case for BlackBerry

Overall, I think both of these cases are great, and do the job they are supposed to do. Personally, I prefered the Aquapac, simply because it was a little bigger, and easier to get the Torch in and out of. If I was using a thinner device, that wouldn't be an issue with the Overboard case. Just remember, a little preparation can go a long way, especially when it comes to keeping your precious BlackBerry safe. If you're going to be near water, or in stormy weather, or whatever the situation may be, it's worth the money to protect your device, and everything that's inside it.

For more information and to purchase the Aquapac Handheld Case
For more information and to purchase the OverBoard Waterproof Case

Contest: We know you want to win one of these, and keep your BlackBerry safe this summer. We're giving away one of each, so leave a comment below and let us know if you want to try out the Aquapac or the Overboard, and why you need it. We'll choose two winners next Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person please! Good luck!