Summer is just about here (though it feels like October in New Jersey) so many BlackBerry users will be venturing out to the beach, pool or lake and no doubt be taking their BlackBerry along for the ride. While most of us never lose track of our devices while we're out, you still want to make sure that you're protected should the unexpected happen. Just as forums member OmarVlogable had some bad luck and lost his Z10 in the pool, it could happen to anyone at any time.

Stay Protected

Common sense will tell you simply not to bring your device anywhere near a body of water. Leave it in your bag, car or somewhere far away where it's safe and dry. In some cases that may be difficult however, so something like a waterproof case may be a better bet. While they aren't the prettiest or most functional, you'll certainly be glad you had one if your phone happens to hit the water. I head to the beach every year and always toss my phone in one before I even set foot on the sand - better safe than sorry. 

There are cases to fit all types of devices from the BlackBerry PlayBook to the Z10 and Q10. These cases are watertight and will help keep your device dry if it decides to go for a swim. Some of our favorites include the Krussel Sealbox for the Z10 and the Aquapac waterproof case for the PlayBook. Just put your device inside, seal it up and be worry-free all day. Again - they aren't the most functional as your essentially using your phone through a rubber bag, but at least it will still be working at the end of the day should something happen.

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Waterproof Phones

For even more protection you can opt for a waterproof coating for your device. Companies like HzO have methods that will coat the internals of your device making it totally waterproof. Rather than just having a case for your device, the companies can coat the electronics inside the device keeping them dry even if a phone is underwater. Pretty cool stuff that we hope will just be added by manufacturers right off the line at some point.

Do's and Dont's

If you do happen to have an accident with your BlackBerry, there are a few things to keep in mind. In many cases you can save a wet device just by following a few simple tips.

  • DO Act Fast - As soon as your device hits the water - GET IT OUT. The faster you get it, the less water will get in and the more chance you have to save it.
  • DO Turn It Off - When it gets wet, take the battery out - or in the case of the PlayBook just turn it off. If you leave it on there is a better chance the electronics inside will get fried and that's bad.
  • DON'T Use A Hair Dryer - This also dries the device out quickly but again, you'll risk setting in corrosion faster and you don't want that. Also if you're not careful you may heat it up too much and melt some plastic.
  • DON'T Use a Charger - If your device is wet - do not plug it in and try to charge it. This fires up the electronics and you risk the chance of shorting something and causing further damage.

While the "rice trick" works for some users, we haven't always seen it being successful. You can certainly give it a try by putting your phone in a bowl of ordinary store-bought rice and leaving it overnight. The rice should pull moisture from the phone and dry it out quicker. Make sure you don't use a closed container (bowl with a lid or plastic bag) and the moisture will have no place to go. A better bet than rice would be a dessicant if you have access to any.

Aside from that trick, with your device off, hold it up and try to shake out any excess water. If you have a removable battery, take the cover off and the battery out. Wipe off any excess water and leave the phone open and let it dry naturally. After 24-48 hours inspect the device for any signs of moisture. If you don't see any, put the battery in, cross your fingers and power it up. If it's still not functioning then immediately turn it off and look for help on getting it repaired at a local shop or mail-in service. 

Have other tips or experience with a wet device? Let us know in the comments!