* Update: Goal Reach. Vids4BB stays alive! Way to go BB Community!!*

Most readers are familiar with the website As the name suggests, the site offers tons of videos properly resized and formatted to be viewable on BlackBerry smartphones. The site has become very popular - we even feature a couple of titles from each week in our regular Click's Picks media roundups.

Here's the problem. It seems Vids4BB has become a little too popular, which resulted in Bla1ze (the site's owner/operator) receiving a whopping site hosting charge of $1,156.26 last month thanks to bandwidth surcharges. Unless the tab gets paid off, the site will be going into maintenance mode (which means no more videos available for download).

If you have benefited from the site in the past and want to give Bla1ze a hand in paying off the bill, he is accepting donations via PayPal. I personally shot over $50 for the cause (being able to watch the VS Fashion Show on my flight down to WES was worth it alone!).