FabuList by StandAlone Mobile Applications is a unique to-do list and project management application for the PlayBook that utilizes your entire screen to plan and map out projects or tasks. I'm a very visual person when it comes to organization. I need to see everything in front of me or I wind up forgetting, even when using my BlackBerry. One missed alarm and there goes what I need to get done. I guess I'm old fashioned and it's the reason why organizers and apps have come and gone.

I like to think of FabuList as my own digital flow chart. Rather than having items listed in a specific order there are presented as blocks of data laid out across the PlayBook's screen. This means no having to scroll or sort through multiple items to find the one you want and no drop down menus needed. This is great because it doesn't require a search feature. I can document, chart my progress, color code, and complete my tasks all from my PlayBook. No having to bridge to my device or use an internet connection.

Just tap on the main projects displayed on the left side of the screen and all items for that project fill the space to the right. Each item is color coded: blue for selected tasks, completed is grey, and active tasks are green. FabuList allows you to filter through projects by using the buttons in the upper left of the screen. You can filter within a specific time frame, view overdue items not completed yet or view ones with no specified date.


  • Is perfect for quick lists, detailed projects, or anything in between
  • Can display multiple levels of sub projects
  • Uses color as an easy way of identifying to-do items (tasks) as well as projects and sub-projects
  • Does not require an internet connection to use
  • Five one-touch date filters for quick views of to-do items due within a specified timeframe
  • ‘Overdue' button shows overdue items that are not yet completed
  • ‘No date' button shows all items without a due date

FabuList is a pretty good organizer app for the PlayBook. I admit there should be a way to create projects before entering in a task, a way to back up other than Desktop Manager, and the option of more than just three colors. However, it has potential and I hope future updates will bring added functionality. For those of you who like to group projects and see it all laid out in front of you then this is the app for you. FabuList is currently on sale for $4.99 (regular $9.99) and is available from BlackBerry App World

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