CountDown Timer for BlackBerry

I've always been a fan of counting down to big events. Vacations, birthdays, weddings or what have you, I'm the guy who stuck the countdown timer on his Myspace page. I've tried many ways of keeping track of what events are coming up but sometimes things just get lost in the shuffle. Yesteday I came across a very cool app in the CrackBerry App Store that will solve all my countdown woes. CountDown Icon is an inexpensive, simple app that lets you place a countdown icon on your device. Set the event name and start time and fire it up. CountDown Icon shows the remaining days as an icon and can even pop up remiders as your see fit. Use it for big trips, birthdays, holidays, family functions and much more. CountDown Icon is available in the CrackBerry App Store for just $0.99.

More information/download of CountDown Icon

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