When it comes to keeping our messages secure we are all aware that our BlackBerry devices have our backs. However, that doesn't mean we can't take extra precautions safeguarding our personal messages from prying eyes. While multiple applications are at our disposal to hide unwanted text messages from other uses, having one more option at your fingertips is always a good thing.

With Secret SMS and MMS, selected contacts and their conversations are stored within the application and removed from the Hub. Similar to the Private SMS feature in their populate Privacy Suite Pro application, this time it gets its own standalone headless version with some nice additions to improve the experience.

When first launched, it asks you to create a password and recovery question before loading the main screen. From there you can swipe to the right to access the different tabs including the all-important help file, the main SMS screen, and the contacts screen. Using the contacts menu you can add individuals from your address book as well as existing conversations from the Hub. Therefore, you can continue your conversations within the application itself. However, once conversations are transferred, if you delete them from Secret SMS and MMS it is permanently deleted and all messages are lost.


  • Hide SMS/MMS from selected contacts. It comes with a "Secret Contacts List". If a contact is added to this list, all SMS/MMS from the contact will be added to the application and deleted from Hub
  • Hide all SMS/MMS that are received and saved (If enabled from settings)
  • Threaded Conversation: The SMS and MMS are saved into threaded format which makes going through the SMS/MMS easier
  • Theme Support: Customize the looks of the application with various customizable adjustments to the application! It supports changing the Background Images and also the text color for unread and read text messages
  • Fake Password support: If you login using the fake password, the application will hide all Data inside it. - Auto Reply: Auto reply to a text message
  • Notifications: It supports various notifications like LED Blinking, Inbuilt and Customizable Ringtones and Vibration support. You can also define your own Ringtones to be played when a message is blocked or received into the hub
  • Export a Conversation to HTML format: If required, you can export all of your conversations to HTML format. In order to do this, please long press on a conversation and tap on "Export" menu option
  • Numeric / Alphanumeric password: From the settings, you can change the password type to Numeric or Alphanumeric. If the numeric password is selected, at the login page numeric keyboard will be displayed making the login process much easier
  • Copy a Text message to Clipboard
  • Save a MMS attachment to Phone
  • Forward / Resend a text message from the application
  • Easy to use

Now for those of you who would like to download this application for free, rather than the regular price of $0.99, the developer is giving away 1,500 copies! I'm sure we are all familiar with the drill but just in case the instructions are shown below with the promotion code.

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  • Tap on the green FREE button to download

I must warn you that if you are connected to BlackBerry Blend, incoming text notifications will appear on your display even if the contact was transferred to the Secret SMS App. The text itself does not show on the device or in Blend, only the notification. Another issue is the wait time, especially if you're like me with hundreds of texts, for the application to process a contact. Other than the problems described, Secret SMS and MMS keeps your messages separate and password protected from unwanted users.

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