Ulysse Speedometer for BlackBerry 10

Usually you'll find me over in the more Google-centric part of Mobile Nations. But, since heading to BlackBerry Jam Europe a couple of weeks ago, and being a long time BlackBerry user, I've spent a bit of time playing around on BlackBerry 10 of late. Imagine then my delight when I first fire up BlackBerry World on my new Z10 and find a favourite app of mine has made the jump across from Android to BlackBerry.

I've featured Ulysse Speedometer on Android Central before in the weekly editor's app picks, and now, it's there to enjoy on BlackBerry 10. I'd love to be able to show off a video demo, but driving and holding a video camera is pretty illegal in the UK! 

So, what's it all about? The clue really is in the name this time round, as we're looking at a pretty full featured and visually appealing speedometer app for BlackBerry 10. It is an Android port, but for the most part everything available in the Android release is here on BlackBerry 10. We're looking at a pretty accurate, visually appealing and informative speedometer application. 

The main display is dominated by a large dial which displays the main information -- your current speed. You get both a dial and a numerical readout, and during the course of a trip it also shows the maximum speed you've reached. The important thing to remember is that increasing this number isn't an achievement!


Also on the main display are three smaller dials, two of which have different options on data to display. One shows up a compass or your average speed throughout the trip. The other displays elevation, a moving average speed -- so ignoring all the time you spend sat still in London -- and race splits for 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile.


To the left of these are two boxes, one for total trip and one scrollable which cycles through today, yesterday, last week, last month and total. It doesn't stop there either. While some items aren't accessible on account of this being an Android port, you can still set alarms, and of course change units between mph, kph and even knots. Plenty for everyone.


Doesn't look like much, but set up just right in the car this is a pretty sweet HUD! 

Perhaps the coolest thing Ulysse Speedometer has though is its HUD mode. This strips out most of the on screen information, hits a black background with bright white numbers by default -- although this is customisable -- and displays everything mirrored so as to reflect up at your windscreen and look like a HUD. The biggest problem with this is finding something to hold your phone in the right position on the dashboard. It's a bit of a novelty, but pretty sweet at the same time.

Possible use cases will vary of course. For me, I drive a Mini and find looking across at this is so much more comfortable than looking across at the huge speedo in the centre of the car. I'm also going racing later this year, and have big plans on putting this app to use during test sessions. Always remember that there is some margain for inaccuracy, but that said, it's never far out from the reading on the car speedometer. And you know what? It's a free download too. Give it a shot and be sure to tell us what you think.

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