Basically as soon as the announcement of the BlackBerry Z10 was done, vans hit the streets of Toronto bearing the good word of Peek and Hub as a part of the Keep Moving Tour. We bumped into another van this morning at the Rogers launch, and we couldn't help but take a few shots to share with you guys. On the inside of the van was a small NFC-based symbol-matching game, where, if won, you get a mysterious prize. Those interested can track these vans down by tweeting at them with the #KeepMovingTour hashtag.

We've already seen one facet of the Keep Moving Tour, but this one promises to be much more hands-on and grassroots. As far as I'm concerned, the biggest challenge for BlackBerry at this point is recapturing mindshare, and the only real way to do that is to get Z10s into people's hands and fully explain what's going on in BB10. 

We didn't manage to catch these guys while they were ready to give out prizes, but be sure to keep an eye out for the vans in your hometown. Here are a few pictures so you know what to look for. What do y'all think of the campaign?