Goal.com Launcher

Visit Mobile.BlackBerry.com on your berry's browser and you'll find a new link has been added to the mobile portal's What's Hot section... Get EURO2008 live-scores with Goal.com!

That link will take you to m.Goal.com where you can download and install the BlackBerry Goal.com Web Icon. It will install the nice "G" you see above onto your BlackBerry's homescreen, and with a click take you to the m.Goal.com site. I had some serious issues with the m.Goal.com mobile site (wasn't getting English nomatter what I clicked), so hopefully that'll get fixed up soon.

On the web, you can get your official EURO2008 football (err..soccer in North America) news at euro2008.uefa.com. Anybody catch the Netherlands vs. Italy game yesterday? What an upset! Today we have Spain vs. Russia and Greece vs. Sweden playing.

[ FYI - the theme on the right is the iVista theme. You can get it here.

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