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Mini Banner Live CB Tribute Edition

Do you love themes? Is CrackBerry your #1 site for all things BlackBerry? If you've answered yes to all of these questions, and who wouldn't, then I have some great news for you. Once again the forums and twitter have exploded with the news that drkapprenticeDESIGNS and Lucky45 have taken Mini_Banner_Live, what is one of the best themes (and one of my personal favorites) for OS7 devices, and transformed it into an amazing CrackBerry tribute theme for all of you to enjoy. Some of you out there knew this was coming, if you happened to come across the blink and you'll miss it forums post, but now the wait is finally over. So what are you waiting for, click on the jump to find out more!

Mini Banner Live CB Home Screen

Mini_Banner_Live CrackBerry Tribute Edition has all the original features that made the original Mini_Banner_Live so special including the incredible animation in the top banner. Only this time instead of little BlackBerry logos, we have different variations of the CrackBerry logo and boy do they look good scrolling across the screen. Our own orange and purple color scheme is used throughout (even in the battery and signal meters) and the CB logo also appears as a new icon message indicator. Just remember that when using the animation shortcuts you have universal search turned off and application shortcuts turned on. Then, just place your cursor at the top and press one of the shortcuts to get the party started!


  • Focus clock banner
  • Scrolling Animated Banner - hold ALT, click D, W, or R to start the animation
  • ESCAPE to stop the animation
  • Banner glows red on new email & missed call notifications
  • Mini Banner for wallpaper lovers
Mini Banner Live CB Edition - Alt D Shortcut
Press ALT D - CB round logo


Mini Banner Live CB - ALT W Shortcut
Press ALT W - Square CB logo


Mini Banner Live CB Edition - ALT R Shortcut
Press ALT R - BB logo decked in CrackBerry orange


As always drkapprenticeDESIGNS and @_Lucky45 have done an outstanding job and have put together one hawt looking theme. When these guys come together you know you are getting a solid theme that runs smoothly. Not only does it look absolutely gorgeous on my Bold 9900 but it's chock full of CrackBerry goodness to help satisfy your fix all day long. There's no battery drain to speak of, though if you're worried about the animation you can easily stop it by pressing the escape key. Although, I never get tired of seeing the CB logo fly by on my display.

This is an absolute must for your device so there is no question of if you should get it. CrackBerry tribute theme is FREE to download and can be found at the links below. Right now it's compatible with the 99xx and 9810 running OS7/7.1. The 9850/60 is coming so stay tuned to the forums to see when it's ready.

Mini Banner Live CrackBerry Tribute Edition for BlackBerry Torch 9810
Mini Banner Live CrackBerry Tribute Edition for BlackBerry Bold 99xx

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