Katy Perry Back to BlackBerry

Katy Perry has made some poor decisions in her life (like marrying Russel Brand) but yesterday she made a pretty smart one. About two weeks ago Katy had switched her phone of choice from that of her beloved BlackBerry to a brand new iPhone 4S. Well apparently things didn't work out so well as she tweeted late last night that she had made the switch back to BlackBerry since she "just couldn't deal without my buttons".

So... I killed Siri and went back to my berry. I just couldn't deal without my buttons. #fatthumbs #sheback #phonefail 

We welcome you back with open arms Katy - you've made the right decision. I'm sure there are many in the CrackBerry Nation that have ventured out to other devices at one point or another and managed to find their way back, so no hard feelings! :-)