In case you were still wondering just how easy it is to port and existing Android app to BlackBerry 10, here is another great example. PineLake Communications, makers of Cubifice, say it took just one hour to port their Android app to BlackBerry. Using the provided BlackBerry toolkits, they were able to make a solid BlackBerry 10 version of Cubifice and deploy it in BlackBerry App World with very little effort.

As noted in the video above, when originally released on Android Cubifice had approximately 15-20 downloads in the first few days. On The PlayBook the app had over 500 in just two days. Pretty crazy, right? Add to that the fact that Cubifice is ready to roll for BlackBerry 10 and you've got a pretty good equation. Check out the video above to hear what the folks at PineLake had to say about the process.

Source: BlackBerry Dev Blog