If you are after for a new funky game for your BlackBerry PlayBook then look no further as Jump Birdy Jump is here and it's a right bobby dazzler! Developed by Ovogame, who also brought us Smiley's Pop and Tropical Mania, Jump Birdy Jump brings great challenging game play along with bright, crisp, clean graphics and even some sweet background music.

You control the birdy and your aim is to get to your lady friend. But, in order to do this this you must jump between wires using a slingshot. Things get pretty hard though as there are many obstacles that you cannot hit as well as moving gates etc.

In order to progress to further chapters in the game you will need to collect stars along the way. This is easier said than done as you will discover when you play the game for yourself.

Jump Birdy Jump is a real beauty of a game and if your own the PlayBook you really need to check out this one. Well worth it's $2.99 price tag. It will also be available on BlackBerry 10 real soon!

Features of Jump Birdy Jump include:

  • 70 challenging levels (more coming soon).
  • Original characters (I mean, have you ever seen a physics-based game starring birds?).
  • Simple game mechanism.
  • 0% cats.
  • Secret stuff you'll never find. Or maybe you will. We'll see.
  • Adorable artwork.
  • 100% fun for everyone.

More information (and a giggle)/ Download Jump Birdy Jump for the BlackBerry PlayBook