Whatever smartphone platform you are on you will be sure to find a game where you shoot a canon at coloured objects . The other day I stumbled upon Juminja for BlackBerry smartphones and although these sort of games aren't really my cup of tea I thought I would give it a go as recently we have had some great games come into App World with smooth attractive graphics and game play.

It would seem I made a good decision as Juminja is a pretty sweet game. You have to fire coloured Ninja's from a cannon and when you have three in a row they explode. Unlike many other games of of this variety the Ninjas are not falling from the sky but instead they travel around a kind of track. If they manage to get to the end of the track it is game over. As well as the standard coloured Ninjas there are a few 'special' ones such as multicoloured ones which you can fire at any other Ninja to help in their destruction.

The game is smooth and colourful and overall worth the price tag of $1.99 in my opinion, however the good news is that there is a free version too so maybe give that one a try first. Juminja is available for all BlackBerry smartphones however I think it would only provide a good experience on a touch screen device so maybe you Bold 9900/9790 and Torch owners should stick to this one.

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