Juice by Pootermobile

CrackBerry is always looking ahead to the future. Not long ago, BlackBerry 6 was just a rumor, and now here we have it pre-installed on new devices and leaking left and right for others. Kevin is always a step ahead of us all, and joked a few months ago on the podcast about BlackBerry 7, calling it "Juice". Well developer Pootermobile has created a theme based on his ideas of what BB7 may look like, and naturally he named this theme Juice in honor of Kevin's predictions.

Juice has a lot of cool features built in. On the home screen you have a top banner with a weather slot and your clock. You can also access a hidden today screen from this banner by clicking on the little arrow. The bottom dock contains five or eight user defined icons depending on your device. The bottom banner houses a hidden menu with Manage Connections, Options, Files and Memo so you can quickly access those apps without having to leave your home screen. And if you want to clear it all off and see just your wallpaper, you can do that with the click of your escape key.

Pootermobile has also developed a new feature for his themes. When you first install one of his new ones, his mascot Poots will appear on your screen to give you a quick tutorial. While not everyone may need this additional help, I think it's a nice idea for those people that may be new to themes or who don't like to take the time to figure out all the little details on their own. Plus, that little guy is cute! Poots doesn't interfere with anything, and will disappear after changing screens from today back to home.

Juice can be purchased for $3.99 in the CrackBerry store, and is available for 9800, 97xx/96xx/89xx, 95xx, and 9000 devices (OS 4.6 and up, excluding Bold series devices running any leaked BlackBery 6).

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