If you have the Amazon Appstore installed on your BlackBerry 10 handset you'll know that they give away a paid app for free each day. Today they have a game up for grabs called JoyJoy and I thought it was worth checking out. And I'm sure glad I did as it's a right bobby dazzler!

JoyJoy is a space shoot 'em up style game with a bunch of different levels and challenges as well as a ton of weapons that you can pick up along the way. With 5 difficulty levels to choose from you can be sure to start easy and work your way up.

The idea here is to fly your craft around the display shooting all the baddies. You control your craft using on-screen controls. On the bottom left of the display is your virtual joypad for moving and also an 'UltraFire' tab. Then over on the right is your main fire joypad which allows you to fire in any direction, and also the change weapon tab.

I loaded this one up on my Z30 today and have been having a blast (excuse the pun). I doubt this one will work on the Q series devices but I've not tried, so if you do and it does run please let us know?

It's colorful, sounds good and feels smooth. Overall, a fantastic game and even better when free!

Download JoyJoy from the Amazon Appstore