PlayBook Launch

Here we are on the eve of the BlackBerry PlayBook launch and we figured we'd toss a little humor into the mix by posting up the above comic from the folks over at The Joy of Tech. This of course, isn't the first PlayBook comic they've done but this one adds a great twist on some of the most current events happening with Research In Motion.

The reviews are out, the forums are filling up -- and most importantly people are buying BlackBerry PlayBooks despite some of the negative (deserved or not) criticism that it has recieved. Let's face it - the above comic hits on current events but it's not totally accurate by any means.

Plenty of users out there were chasing after the size, the specs and functionality the BlackBerry PlayBook offers long before they gave thought to how many apps it will have at launch. Fact is, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a new venture for Research In Motion but it's also something everyone can enjoy -- not just BlackBerry users. To enjoy a BlackBerry PlayBook you don't need to be a BlackBerry user, as is clearly shown in the CrackBerry forums. So get in a laugh from the comic above, then get to the store and buy a PlayBook. You know you want it!!

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