Tiny Bird for the PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones

If you've had a BlackBerry PlayBook for more than, lets say six months, you would have experienced the lack of games and apps on the new platform. But, that's all changed. Not only are we seeing an influx in games for the PlayBook, those developers are also porting some of their titles onto the BlackBerry 7 platform. The latest game I'm taking a look at is available on both the BlackBerry PlayBook, and also on many BlackBerry smartphones.

Tiny Bird for the BlackBerry is an action packed, and might I say addicting game where your sole mission is to reach the end of the islands. The game features a small winged bird that doesn't have much of a capacity for flying, so your job is to help it land and use the hills on each island to propel it into the clouds. Continue reading to see how this game stacks up to similar games available on other platforms.

The Review

Developer: SolverLabs Version (at time of review): 1.5.1
File Size: 29 MB OS Requirements: Tablet 2.0.0 or higher and OS 6 and higher
Cost: $.99 Website: http://solverlabs.com/

Game controls

Controlling your way through the various islands is pretty straightforward, just tap and let go. The game features a very simple game control system which allows you to control the birds flight by holding down your finger on the screen to help the bird fall, and taking your finger off to let the bird utilize the hills and fly away.

Game graphics

Tiny Birds for BlackBerry img1

Tiny Bird has very simple and cartoonish graphics, but they're perfect. The game features islands that are designed to be attractive and colorful. In the background, you will see clouds and other islands that are off in the distance. But, be carful as the visuals can sometimes be deceiving and cause you to crash and get swooped up by the tornado.

Game play

The idea behind Tiny Bird is quite clear; get away from the raging tornado. See, isn't that simple? Well, let's back this up a little and dive into the game a bit more before Tiny Bird gets the 'Simple Game' title. The game consists of islands that contain a heck of a lot of hills, and it's your job to utilize those hills and help propel your bird from a tornado that's right behind you. Now, along your journey from island to island you'll see stars and gems along the way. The stars will help you keep the tornado and bay, and the gems will give you that extra boost of speed you need to get through the tougher times. So, simple game play? Yeah for sure, but easy to beat, that I don't think so. But you are the judge.

Replay value

Tiny Birds for BlackBerry img2

While there is no online multiplayer with Tiny Bird, which would be cool, there are unlockable achievements and local leader boards. Some of the achievements are things like fly into the clouds and obtain 800 points on the fist island. By completing achievements, you will gain a higher points that will allow you to rank higher on the local leader board. One complaint would be with the use of local leader boards. With a local system there is certainly no competition aspect to the game, lowering the titles replay value in my mind.

The Good

  • Fun, entertaining game
  • Creative graphics and characters
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Local leaderboards
  • Simple controls

The Bad

  • No online leaderboards
  • No multiplayer (local or online)
  • No ability to turn off music or sound effects


While Tiny Bird isn't a direct competitor to its iOS counter part Tiny Wings, it's definatly worth the download on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The game features an addictive gameplay, creative graphics, and unlockable achievements. There were a few things missing that kind of baffled me, and one was an online leader board. Online leaderboards are an easy addition that increases game replay value, and Scoreloop is simple and available to BlackBerry devs.

Tiny Bird
by Solverlabs


  • Tiny Bird is an addictive little game. With creative graphics, unlockable achievements, and local leaderboards you'll be playing for hours as you leap from island to island.


  • Sadly the developers of Tiny Bird have done a fantastic job with the game as a whole, they've left out things like multiplayer and online leaderboards. Without these two additions, they've actually limited the replay value.

The Bottom Line

If you're in need of a new time killer for the BlackBerry PlayBook, or your BlackBerry smartphone you'll definitely want to check out Tiny Bird. The developers have created a game that incorporates creative graphics, addicting gameplay, and all at a reasonable price. A Win, Win, Win for sure! Purchase Tiny Bird for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones

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