Become a Beta Tester for the CrackBerry 10 App!

* Update: Well, it seems there's a cap of 25 beta testers in the Sandbox, so we capped that out pretty much immediately. Don't send anymore emails right now please. We'll check and see if there's any way to get the cap increased

Just a few days ago we unveiled v1 of the CrackBerry 10 app in BlackBerry World. Built for BlackBerry 10, Z10 owners have been downloading it by the thousands and it's been receiving 5 star ratings like crazy. It really is an example of how all BlackBerry 10 apps should be built. It's a clean experience and it's FAST.

That said, we have only just begin. We have a steady development roadmap planned out for the CB10 app. Over the next few months you'll see a bunch of new features be introduced (and yes, for those of you asking about leaving comments in blog posts - that's coming as soon as we launch the new CrackBerry website redesign... commenting in the app is tied to the new site). 

Be a CrackBerry 10 App Beta Tester: If you want to get early access to the latest builds of the CB10 app before they are officially released, you can join our Beta Testing program which we will be running through BlackBerry World. To apply to join, send an email to accounts @ Make the subject CB10 App Tester and include your BlackBerry ID email address in the email. We'll add you to the Sandbox so you can get access to early releases. When new beta releases are posted, we will open a new thread in the CrackBerry Apps forum. Enable Development Mode in your Security and Privacy Settings, then go to BlackBerry World's Settings and under development mode enter ID 23281874. Thanks for being a beta tester!

Haven't downloaded CB10 for your Z10 yet? Get it here for FREE!