John Sims, President of Global Sales at BlackBerry sat down with the folks from Fedscoop to discuss how Federal governments are expanding their mobile system offerings and increasing the mobility offerings to their workforce but while doing so, end users are changing as well as what their expectations are when it comes to what they can do on their government-issued devices.

The situation is an interesting one because, as Sims notes, users want to do more with their government-issued devices, but historically those devices have been locked down in such ways that didn't allow for any 'personal' data but increasingly that's changing and governments are now having to adapt to that while still maintaining the level of security they need in order to operate in a world where mobile threats are on the rise.

Although there are no explicit mentions of BlackBerry offerings in the interview, it's clear BlackBerry's BES12 and BlackBerry Balance are on Sims mind throughout the discussion as those products are pretty much what he's describing as solutions for at least some of the problems that exist. Hit play on the video for the full interview.