John McCain, Inventory of the BlackBerry?

So I have to address this because it's making the rounds and in the past hour I've received about 50 emails from people wanting me to blog it...

A McCain staffer claimed that John McCain's committee work helped create an environment in the telecommunications industry that allowed for the creation of the BlackBerry. Political reporters, sensing a sentence longer than 6 words, shortened it to something they could understand, "McCain [...] claimed [...] the creation of the BlackBerry." I have no comment either about the gaffe or of the underlying politics.

What I will say is, well, sometimes it's nice to be Canadian. I bet the boys in Waterloo, Ontario, the actual creators of the BlackBerry, got a chuckle out of this too. Try not to get crazy in the comments on this one, folks, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled *actual* BlackBerry news shortly.

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