John Chen: This is a platform that is going to last us for a very, very long time

In between taking the stage at the BlackBerry for Enterprise event and the BlackBerry investor day call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen found time to talk to CNBC about all the announcements from the event. As expected, there was a few choice quotes offered up in the interview surrounding what's in the pipeline for BlackBerry, how BlackBerry will compete and what they need to do in order to turn profit for shareholders.

"The whole partner program has always been a dream of ours," Chen said. "We know we have to expand our ecosystem. We know we need help from the carriers, the distributors, the ISVs (independent software vendors) like and technology partnership like Samsung."

"This is a platform that is going to last us for a very, very long time. We can build a lot of great, great technology on top of that," Chen said.

"The company is financially very stable now. I still have to get ourselves making money and breaking even and … generating cash from operations. All these milestones will happen," he said.

Despite the pressure to go into deep detail, John Chen stuck to the basic answers but still managed to get his message across. BlackBerry has a cohesive plan, and they're working hard and they'll do what it takes to turn profits. You can check out the videos below.