Earlier this month, BlackBerry CEO John Chen took to CNBC to write an op-ed discussing safety and regulation when it comes to autonomous vehicles. This week he swung by Bloomberg studios to sit down with Emily Chang to discuss topics hit on in that op-ed and what he sees as the next steps needed for autonomous car regulation and how BlackBerry fits into it all.

The video clocks in at just over seven minutes but it's worth checking out if you missed out on the op-ed or are curious where Chen places BlackBerry in the growing market. The interview also provides some insight on where Chen thinks the industry is headed when it comes tech companies coming into the arena and how that will affect the moves of manufacturers.

If you were hoping to hear more the legal battles BlackBerry is facing against Snap Inc. and Facebook, though, this won't be the interview for you as Chen provided no comment there. However, that didn't stop Emily from asking. Hit play and drop your thoughts on it all in the comments.