Following the annuncement of their 2019 third-quarter results, BlackBerry CEO John Chen caught up with Amber Kanwar for a little bit of a Q&A session surrounding the results and to discuss what's coming up in 2019 for BlackBerry. In the results, BlackBerry reaffirmed their 2019 highlighting revenue growth, profitability and positive cash flow.

  • Total company software and services billings growth is expected to be double-digits
  • Total software and services revenue growth of between 8% to 10% year-over-year
  • Non-GAAP earnings per share is expected to be positive
  • Free cash flow is expected to be positive for the full year

Although BlackBerry beat sales estimates this quarter, one spot that dropped to zero finally was handset revenue. While that might sound bad, one only has to remember that handset revenue has been turned into licensing revenue thanks to TCL, Optiemus, BB Merah Putih and more.

"BlackBerry will still have handsets, but we're going to get the handset revenue through royalties because we have licensed both some of our technologies, our operating systems, as well as our brand to a number of OEMs out there," he said. "They will be building BlackBerry phones and they will be responsible for addressing the market that way. When they sell those phones, I'll get the royalties on that, as arranged. We expect to continue in the phone business, but not taking the hardware."

If you missed out on the results conference call, it's now available on demand right here. Plus, you can check out the BlackBerry Investor Presentation Q3FY19 which breaks things down further right here. BlackBerry closed out the day with the stock sitting at $10.22 (TSX), up +2.92%.