Following the announcement of BlackBerry extending CEO John Chen's contract for another five years, BNN had the chance to catch up with Chen to discuss the finer details and what his plans are for BlackBerry over that time.

As we've come to expect when folks have the chance to interview John Chen, much of the conversation focused on the transformation of BlackBerry and how Chen was able to turn the company around and what issues arose during those times. Also on tap for the interview was the discussion of compensation as Chen could potentially earn over $300M USD over the next five years, nearly half which Chen could earn even if the stock doesn't improve.

Beyond compensation discussions, Chen also highlighted his ongoing plans for BlackBerry in the areas of self-driving cars, embedded devices and more through QNX. With the earnings report coming up on March 28, Chen chose his words carefully in regards to software revenue but highlighted previous gains in that area since he came onboard.