If you managed to get Swaggberry out of your head already we have another BBM song to implant in your mind for the day. This time Jim Jones asks What's Your BBM? No fun video to go along with this one (yet!), but the tune is pretty sweet and you'll most likely be singing this one for the rest of the day. The song speaks on the fact that many just want to use BBM - "don't text, don't call me honey" - and not SMS, email or phone.

It actually makes a pretty valid point in the process. As my buddy Anton Wahlman pointed out recently, many "a-listers" really rely on BBM for secure conversation and won't be switching away from BlackBerry anytime soon. Since they don't have to give out their actual phone number or email address, giving out their PIN for BBM only to people they want to talk to is a pretty solid solution. Users obviously have the ability to approve or decline requests so as opposed to having anyone who wants to call or SMS, BBM gives you control over just who can contact you. Hit the video above to check it out. The video does contain some foul language so its pretty much NSFW.

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